Meadow Kroeger – Artist Interview

Please describe your artistic process as it spans a day and/or week and/or month.

A piece usually starts with some sort of concept after getting inspiration from anything ranging from a picture online to an idea that popped into my head. From this point I will follow this concept up with a rough sketch or brainstorm in my sketchbook. Here I will usually plan out my colour themes and what I want the piece to convey creatively. After much planning I bring the idea to my chosen canvas. Most of the time my idea will change once I see it on the canvas and the finished project can be drastically different to the original idea or just have a few small changes. My process ranges anywhere from a day to months depending on the project but usually once I have an idea in my head for a single piece the process is quite swift.

Please describe your artworks included in the exhibition.

The Hare – This print is meant to represent strength, growth, and with that the impatience that comes with growth. I choose to put this print onto a page of a book to represent the wisdom that comes with personal growth. The black of the ink is to show the strength that is needed to have change in your life while the hare — which in many cultures is used to represent haste and swiftness — represents the impatience that many feel with personal growth. The hare depicted in this piece is surrounded by ivy which in celtic culture serves as a symbol of growth and renewal and further shows the picture of personal growth and renewal this piece hopes to convey.

Eyes That Burn Blue Like Flames of Sulfur – This piece was a part of a three-piece project that the connecting point of all of them were eyes. With this piece I wished to convey the themes of intellect, passion, soul, and the internal battle within. The colour blue which is used heavily represents stability and intellect which is opposed by the use of red which represents passion and chaos. The use of these colours convey the internal battle between the two opposing values. The eyes that are shown multiple times throughout the piece represent the soul and give a window into the internal battle between stability and chaos. The mention of sulphur flames in both the title and artwork serves to the thought that sulphur in terms of the body represents soul and adds another depth of the human soul into the piece.

What is your favourite artwork right now? 

Right now it would be my piece Eyes That Burn Blue Like Flames of Sulfur, because I love the vast contrast between red and blue and think it makes it a very interesting piece to look at.

What artists/artworks inform your practice?

I got inspired to start art from looking at artists like Edvard Munch and Alphonse Mucha. But now I am inspired by artists I follow on Instagram. My current favourites are @galactixy_illustrations, @audraauclair, @micah_ulrich, and @inkdoski.

What artists/artworks inform the work included in the exhibition?

For my piece Eyes That Burn Blue Like Flames of Sulfur, I was heavily inspired by the colour and scattered look of the artwork by @galactixy_illustrations. For The Hare, I was inspired by a photo of a brown hare I saw on Pinterest.

What other outside sources inform your thinking (e.g. books, music, nature, etc.)?

Being born in the West Kootenays — which is a beautiful place — I would say I’m inspired in most of my work by the area I live in. Although the area in which I live is a big inspiration I would say music has been an even bigger part of my life and has influenced the way I think and how I go about doing art. 

What inspires you to make creative work?

Listening to music and sketching in my sketchbook to let ideas flow onto the page without knowing where my pencil will take me is my favourite way to jumpstart creative works. Doing this lets me map out ideas I may have had a long time ago and now have time to experiment with what I would like to make or just to practice skills. 

What do you think are necessary agents for change in society? In your community?

To have change in a society I believe the ability to accept change and the willingness to be a part of a team in order to make change are necessary agents for revision in a society. Without everyone’s willingness to make or accept adjustment to their lives nothing will be changed and could have poor consequences.

Do you include social justice and/or activism in your work? If so, how does it manifest?

I do not regularly include social justice into my artwork because I view my art as a way to explore deeper human emotions and escape from the constant bombardment of media and information. Being able to take a break from a continuous conveyor belt of information through the news or social media is a huge part of my art. I use my time making art to explore new philosophical thoughts and explore new meaning to ideas. That being said, social justice has and will be a huge part of art and creative culture and I believe it is an important part of activism.  

In your utopian/creative imaginary for the future what do you see as being a radical change from our present moment? What do you hope to see changed?

In my imagery for the future I hope to see humanity cling less to our obsession with money and find tranquility in just living life. To see this change there will have to be a radical revision to what we see as a successful life although this will take a long time to alter people’s mind mindset towards money, this revision would make the quality of life for many much better. 

What is the last book/thing/article/poem you read?

I read Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I usually stay away from ‘self help’ books but this one piqued my interest. I read it in one day and resonated a lot with what he said and loved his radical approach to life. 

What online browser tabs do you have open right now?

I have Google Docs opened (of course) as well as my email . Usually I will have Pinterest, Spotify and YouTube also opened in the background. 

What is the last song you listened to?

Music is truly the backbone to my creative experience. While that is definitely an exaggeration I do like to say I have an eclectic musical taste. Regarding the last song I listened to, it was Dope on a Rope by The Growlers

What is the last film/tv show you watched?

Currently while writing these answers I am watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine which I usually will put on in the background while I do work. But lately I have been re-watching all of Wes Anderson’s films 

Who would you invite (dead or alive) to your kitchen dance party?

I would invite Owen Wilson… I have little to no good explanation for this choice other than I think he is a groovy human being, and I think I would laugh heartily.

What song would be the first on your kitchen dance party playlist?

As my first song on my playlist would have to be, still feel by half•alive.

How are you dealing with social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I have been trying to see this as a time to slow down and refocus on things I want to do. I have taken this extra time to create more art and take more time to create meaningful and fun pieces. I have also been trying to read more as it something I had stopped doing with the business of life.

What are your future aspirations?

I am planning to apply to university ( I am undecided which one) and go into an engineering degree. With this degree I want to be able to live and work in different places around the world.

What are your next steps?

Working hard towards my academics and keeping my options open for the future.